Eco Goods is an environmentally friendly general store in downtown Santa Cruz, specializing in beautiful organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo clothing, body care products, children's toys, hats, bags, home goods, and much more. The concept behind Eco Goods is an environmental general store offering entirely “eco” products all selected based on their earth friendly merits. On March 4, 1994, local couple Roger and Elaine Berke opened Eco Goods as the first innovative green store in Santa Cruz.


Co-owner Elaine Berke says at that time Santa Cruz did not have anything like Eco Goods and this inspired us. One eye opening fact for Elaine was the practices of conventional cotton farmers. Innocuous seeming cotton is the second most highly sprayed crop in the world, with 1/3 of a pound of pesticides and herbicides used to grow the amount of cotton required for one t-shirt. “What spurred me on” Elaine says, “was finding out that the clothes I was wearing were contributing to pollution.” Because of the harmful effects of chemical cotton farming, organic cotton has always been an important focus at Eco Goods. Since the time Eco Goods opened there has been a tremendous development in the variety of natural and environmental merchandise available.


Next time you are in downtown Santa Cruz, make sure to visit Eco Goods. Let’s save the earth together!


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